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SAG and SANNENG Group join forces to host the inaugural blood drive

Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd. (SAG) is located in Dali Industrial Park, Taichung City. Chao Chun-Ying, the organizer of the blood drive, has been in ...
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Its products are used for baking affordable bread from PX Mart and SAKImoto Bakery’s premium toast!How did the “King of Baking Molds” manage to turn a 6% decline in annual revenue to a record high of NT$2 billion in 3 years?

As the leading manufacturer of bakeware in Asia, more than 80% of the baking molds in Taiwan are produced by SANNENG. How did the second-generation ...
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2022/04/24 Family Beach Cleaning – Cherishing Taiwan Ocean Protection Campaign

After the pandemic, nature has become a place for people to interact and relax with their families, as well as to take a stroll on ...
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SANNENG-KY sees the potential of the Southeast Asian market and plans to invest in production lines in Indonesia

Sanneng -KY(6671-TW) revenue in 2021 re-stood at 2 billion yuan, with 2.067 billion yuan to a new high, ranking first in China and Taiwan baking ...
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