Work Place Management

To create a better, safer, and healthier work environment for our employees, SANNENG has established an Occupational Safety and Health Management Office to manage the Company’s labor safety and health-related affairs, and implement the Company’s safety and health policies:

  • Cherish life – Care for health
  • Environmental and equipment safety first – Giving priority to the prevention of problems in advance
  • Total participation in safety and health activities – Incessant pursuit of safety and health.

Security Performance and Objectives

The Company’s safety and health goals:

  • Prevent occupational disasters and ensure the safety and health of workers
  • Equipment safety, SOPs, and physical/mental health must be considered for safety and health purposes
  • Prevent human errors and implement the 3 major tasks of self-protection, mutual protection, and oversight.
  • Facilitate people-oriented management, establish safe, comfortable, and dynamic safety and health practices, as well as a high-quality labor culture.

Care about employee safety and health education and training on an ongoing basis, conduct education and training on the management of the workplace, equipment, and hazardous substances for the employees to ensure their safety and health work.

SANNENG also complies with the Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. To protect the physical/mental well-being of employees at work, SANNENG conducts environmental measurements including CO2 concentration, noise, and dust in the office to create a safe workplace. Quarterly safety and health management inspections are carried out; understand and supervise the safety and health improvement plan, and work items, and make records.

We are duty-bound to protect the safety and health of our employees. In the future, we will continue to devise comprehensive management policies to minimize occupational injuries, so that SANNENG can become a happy company where employees can work with peace of mind.

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