Antibacterial Plastic Dough Scraper (Hard)/SN4052 Dough Scraper

Antibacterial Plastic Dough Scraper – Made of PP Plastic food-grade materials, safe for direct food contact and environmentally friendly. Scraper’s surface is smooth, bakers don’t need to worry it would damage the mat or mold while doing the cutting or cleaning.

Material: PP Plastic

Spec:  133x95x5mm

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Dough Scrapper is one the must have item in baking world. Why? Because there are numerous benefits to using a dough scraper, especially in your baking process.

  • A dough scraper allows you to handle dough more efficiently, making it easier to knead, cut, and shape.
  • It’s a good helper, keep your work surface and mold clean by easily scraping off any sticky dough.


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