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Founded on November 29, 2013, CH Biotech is a world-class R&D company in agricultural biotechnological products. Staying at the forefront of R&D innovation and uniqueness has always been the lifeblood of CH Biotech. Before returning to Taiwan to start a new business in late 2013, CH Biotech Chairman Wu Cheng-Pang had already established his presence in the U.S. agricultural market. However, he often felt frustrated that, out of hundreds of best-selling products in the agricultural chemical market worldwide, only very few of them came from Taiwanese companies. To prove that “Taiwanese Can Prevail”, as well as to cater to the market demand more expeditiously and manage the product development progress more effectively, CH Biotech constructed its international Plant System R&D Center since the Company’s establishment. From the advanced laboratory in Zhangbin Industrial Park to the Global R&D Center in Chung Hsing Park, Central Taiwan Science Park. In 2018, CH Biotech invested in upgrading its software and hardware infrastructure in a bid to develop new formulas that are beneficial for global agricultural production, thereby enhancing Taiwan’s international stature in the field of agricultural biotechnology. In recent years, CH Biotech has ventured into the field of coffee and baking, where it came into contact with SANNENG Bakeware. In February 2021, SANNENG Bakeware and CH Biotech met again to exchange knowledge on baking industry products and bakeware. Welcome to the baking industry.