Educating students, Hungkuang University education and training

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The day school and night school of the Department of Food Science and Technology has a Food Technology Division and a Baking Technology Division, making it the perfect university for learning food and baking technology.The first food-related department in Taiwan to be approved by the Ministry of Examination to apply for food technician qualification by submitting a certificate of graduation. The department with the largest number of level B and C professional skill testing venues in food-related departments nationwide.The only “gene testing certification laboratory” and “food Inspection service center” certified by the TAF and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan.The only and the best food professional training platform in central Taiwan.The only food-related department in central Taiwan to win the Ministry of Education’s Plan for Developing Exemplary Universities of Science and Technology from 2013 to 2016. The department has won first place and the honor of passing during previous evaluations. The goal of education is to train professionals with food and baking technology-related theories and practical skills. The number of practical course hours accounts for more than 1/3 of the total lecture hours, vigorously assisting students to acquire a national-level food technician license and food professional certificate to elevate students’ employment competitiveness. After graduation, they can: engage in R&D, production, quality control, and marketing in food, baking, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology-related industries, and micro-startups; hygiene management at food (including baking) related companies; as public and private high school vocational teachers; attend graduate school.SANNENG values a university that educates talents in the baking industry, hence we engage in long-term communication and product exchanges with the university.

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