2022 Shanghai Exhibition

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Amid the new consumption trend, constantly-changing consumer demands, and diversified consumption scenarios, the scope of the industry is becoming increasingly vague. Products not only need to cater to consumers’ needs but must also be varied to meet consumers’ increasing standards, surpass their psychological expectations, and create an element of surprise.

At the 24th Bakery China, SANNENG Bakeware was inspired by the concept of “Baking &”. Explore the concepts of baking & coffee, baking & camping, baking & grilling, baking & environmental protection, and strive to contribute to the growth of the industry. Through scenarios, sensory immersion, and interactive narrative, we focus on current hot topics and create immersive experiences and scenes such as family, camping, coffee, and stores in order to enrich and enhance the experience and value of industry colleagues participating in the exhibition.

We believe that to embrace a wider audience and market, we must not limit ourselves to a specific field. SANNENG Bakeware provides practitioners with a platform for stimulating inspiration and tapping into new markets to change people’s perceptions of mold manufacturers via a brand-new approach.

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