Sanneng’s new brand SANNENG OUTDOOR series was launched in September

In the “2023 Taichung International Tea, Coffee & Roasting Exhibition”, Sanneng Group joined hands with the best manor COFFEELAND brand to combine coffee and roasting life with outdoor activities and the natural environment with the idea of “campervan”. Sanneng Group’s new brand SANNENG OUTDOOR series is expected to be launched in September, launching barbecue, pots and pans and other camping cookware to enter the cross-strait camping cookware market, and plans to sell them in camping specialty stores and online e-commerce.

Zhang Zhihao, director of the marketing center of Sanneng Group, said that a few days ago, he visited several provinces in China, many large-scale distribution and chain exhibition stores have not yet recovered significantly, but personalized stores have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, in the past, there was little interaction with micro-entrepreneurship and personalized stores, and now it provides services through online sales and course teaching.

Even, from the analysis of sales data of several important shopping festivals, such as the recent 618, in addition to high-end brands still retain their exclusive market, the general public is gradually becoming rational consumption, under the change of industrial environment and consumption habits, Sanneng provides diagnostic services to respond, with many years of experience in baking utensils manufacturing to help customers improve the efficiency of all aspects of factory operation, Sanneng has carried out 12 factory diagnoses in the first half of this year, each of which has different situations, in addition to assisting customers to reduce manpower, To reduce production costs and enhance the adhesion of both sides, the three can focus on added value, rather than blindly fighting in the price war, and at the same time raise the entry threshold of competitors.

In addition, the personalized store with creativity as the appeal strengthens the connection with the school, and the niche market customers cannot contribute a large amount of sales at this stage, but it is estimated that the overall increase will be considerable based on the more than 300 cities in the mainland, which is also the place where Sanneng and the teacher are actively trying to reach and master.

Optimistic that Indonesia has a demographic dividend of 260 million, and the baking industry presents a development trend of collectivization and individual single store, Sanneng actively invests resources and efforts to seize the rapid development opportunities of the Southeast Asian baking equipment market. At present, it has negotiated OEM cooperation with 1 local Indonesian manufacturer, as well as assisting in production updates, producing three-energy non-stick baking trays and tool products, in addition to reducing the overall procurement cost, the procurement cycle can also be shortened, and the future goal is to set up a factory in Indonesia.

In recent years, Sanneng has successively invited experienced bakers to Asian exhibitions to perform as bakers, so that Taiwanese chefs can develop abroad, and also hope to interact with bakers and regional exhibitions, and integrate local chain stores and other businesses through the platform to help solve the problem of technology, product research and development, Technology transfer and factory issues, etc., and then boost the sales growth momentum of the Asian market, drive the entire baking industry technology, the overall industrial chain, and improve the entire baking level in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, etc. Even, in October this year, Sanneng will go to Germany with his master to perform and step into the European map, and Sanneng will list it as a medium and long-term goal and expand steadily.

Social, environmental and governance (ESG) has become one of the most important considerations for companies, and as climate change becomes more severe, companies will be forced to find ways to reduce their environmental footprint in the future. As a leading manufacturer of bakery utensils, Sanneng Group hopes to apply its 40-year emphasis on the safety and hygiene of bakery and food utensils to “SANNENG OUTDOOR”, re-examine the lifestyle of symbiosis between humans and nature, lead the trend of camping brands, and pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Sanneng with R&D energy will apply a new coating again this year, with good non-stick effect, environmentally friendly process, and even solve the problems of camping consumers in cleaning and storage, especially the issue of “food safety” cannot be ignored; Sanneng insists on applying the value of baking utensils to the design and manufacture of camping utensils, while pursuing revenue, allowing consumers to rethink the connection with nature, and integrating the concept of taste forest life into daily life, so as to jointly protect our earth.