About Sanneng Group

Become a leading brand of professional, service and trust of food utensils in Asia

Group Mission: be a promoter of food utensil safety, environmental protection, energy saving, and carbon reduction
Group Purpose: to enhance Asian baking technology, and jointly create a baking ecosystem

SANNENG Group Holdings Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional bakeware in Asia. As the market leader, we have a first-class R&D team and invested in cutting-edge technology to research new products. With a unique combination of resources and advantages, we help customers to develop new products and tap into new markets to accommodate the varying needs and applications of diverse customer segments.

Founded in 1982, SANNENG has always been engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and agency sales of professional bakeware and tools. Our business model mainly involves the sales of private-label products. In the early years, the Company tapped into the commercial market (B to B) under the “SANNENG” brand, focusing on chain bakeries, central kitchens, raw material stores, hypermarkets, and supermarkets. Subsequently, due to the increasing attention on national food safety issues as well as the emergence of the experience economy and the home market, the second brand “UNOPAN” was established to tap into the home bakeware market (B to C). At the same time, in response to the changes in the economic environment in the post-epidemic era, we will expand the scope of operation and gradually increase the number of catering and outdoor activity equipment and supplies to meet the needs of more consumers and increase the scale of business.

We uphold the business philosophy of professionalism, integrity, and innovation, providing revolutionary products through a wide range of advanced technologies to engender a better user experience. Inspired by the market strategy of constantly pursuing innovation, SANNENG launched a new brand, “SANNENG Premium”, in 2018, where brand-new products integrating modern technology and stylish design will become the main tool to foster the ongoing growth of SANNENG ‘s performance and profits.

Recently, due to global climate change and the greenhouse effect harming the Earth’s ecological environment, coupled with other environmental and social issues such as frequent food safety incidents and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company is contemplating ways to optimize revenue and profits while taking into account corporate social responsibility, protecting the Earth, and achieving sustainability. Consequently, we learning to implement ESG and minimize the impact of risks amid the dynamic business environment. As a result, the Group’s mission is to become “the driving force of foodware safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, and carbon reduction”. Through the R&D of durable plastic reduction and antibacterial products, as well as the promotion of a non-stick reprocessing business, and the launching of energy conservation and carbon reduction projects, we can contribute to protecting the Earth and realizing the sustainable development goals of the Company.


Head Office


Address: No. 58, Gongye 8th Rd., Dali Industrial Zone, Dali Dist., Taichung City , Taiwan

Phone: (886) 4-24925850

Sanneng Bakeware Corporation

Address: No. 58, Gongye 8th Rd., Dali Industrial Zone, Dali Dist., Taichung City , Taiwan

Phone: (886) 4-24925850

Sanneng Bakeware (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Company address: No. 316 Youyi North Road, Xishan Economic Development Zone,Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Tel: (86)0510-83777515

Sanneng Japan Bakeware Co., Ltd.

Address: 3-5-2 Kojicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 502

Tel: (81) 3-62724777

PT. PT. Sanneng Bakeware Indonesia

Address: Komplek Rukan Puri Mutiara, Blok BC No.10-11 Jl. Griya Utama, Sunter Agung, Jakarta 14350, Indonesia
Tel: (62)21-22651332

Sanneng Bakeware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Address: Building 11, Phase 2, Huachuang Animation Industrial Park, Jinshan Village, Shijie Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: (86) 020-31129899  

XinNeng Bakeware (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

No. 316 Youyi North Road, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Tel: (86)0510-83777515 Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Tel: (86)0510-83777515

Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

No. 316 Youyi North Road, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Tel: (86)0510-83777515 Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Tel: (86)0510-83777515

Businesses and Services

The company is a holding company that includes subsidiaries with actual operational functions include Sanneng Taiwan, Sanneng TiN, Sanneng Japan, and Sanneng Indonesia. The main business items are the manufacture, processing, sales, and distribution of baking utensils and related products.The Company’s products are utensils in the upstream baking industry used to make various types of breads, cakes, cookies, Chinese pastries, wedding cakes, pies, and snacks. In addition to baking equipment and raw ingredients, the Company’s products also include essential “baking utensils” such as baking molds, egg bowls and eggbeaters, shop-front supplies, combo products, kitchen supplies, small household appliances. There are more than one thousand kinds of products in total.These products are divided into five major categories based on the product’s attributes which includes customizable products, baking molds, baking tools, household products, and other products;

1. Customized products are specially designed to meet the needs of customers, and meet the specifications and styles of customers’ baking equipment. The main customers are large central factories, chain bakeries, and creative bakeries.

2. Baking molds are mainly utensils that must be entered into the baking equipment, including all kinds of baking trays, toast boxes, cake molds, pie plates, mousse rings, …… and other products, the main customers are general bakeries, bakeries, pastry studios…. Wait a minute.

3. Baking tools include peripheral products for making baked products excluding the molds that need to enter the baking equipment, which includes egg beaters, egg pots, pastry nozzles, pastry bags, spinners, knives, trolleys, brand burning molds, and price tag clips. The target customers include all types of businesses in the bakery industry.

4. Household products are specially designed and developed baking utensils for home users. The features of these products are exquisite, beautiful, thoughtful, and multi-purpose. The consumer group for these products are mainly home and baking DIY workshops, and baking classrooms.

5. Ingredients are the raw materials and auxiliary materials used in the provision of bakery products, including various flours, ready-mixed flours, fillings, fats, food colorings and other baking-related food materials.

6. Other products are items that are distributed to meet special needs of specific consumers, or to expand the Company’s product line, or products not included in the aforementioned categories.

Environmental safety and health

To create a better, safer, and healthier work environment for our employees, SANNENG has established an Occupational Safety and Health Management Office to manage the Company's labor safety and health-related affairs, and implement the Company's safety and health policies:

Our safety and health policy

The Company's safety and health goals:

Care about employee safety and health education and training on an ongoing basis, conduct education and training on the management of the workplace, equipment, and hazardous substances for the employees to ensure their safety and health work.

SANNENG also complies with the Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. To protect the physical/mental well-being of employees at work, SANNENG conducts environmental measurements including CO2 concentration, noise, and dust in the office to create a safe workplace. Quarterly safety and health management inspections are carried out; understand and supervise the safety and health improvement plan, and work items, and make records.

We are duty-bound to protect the safety and health of our employees. In the future, we will continue to devise comprehensive management policies to minimize occupational injuries, so that SANNENG can become a happy company where employees can work with peace of mind.
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