Dealers Management


To ensure that the suppliers meet the Company’s standards for quality, workplace environment, delivery times, and carry out environmental protection, human rights, and ethical conduct with suppliers, the Company requires suppliers to sign the “Supplier Social Responsibility Commitment Letter.” The Company will also occasionally organize supplier education sessions and work with suppliers to fulfill their social responsibilities, and work together for the sustainable development of the industrial supply chain.

Specific measures for risks or opportunities in the community

In addition to promoting the company’s products, the factory auction was also held in the Taichung Dali plant to benefit the residents of the nearby community, so that the community residents can enjoy early bird purchase discounts, and there are also small gifts to achieve mutual benefit and common prosperity in the community. The 2023 factory auction will be held for four days from November 9 to November 12, with 25 early bird tickets each day, benefiting a total of 100 community residents.

Taiwan Sanneng is located in Taichung City, Dali Industrial Zone, at the junction of Taiping District and Dali District, Taiwan Sanneng Company also takes special consideration into community factors when recruiting talents, and among the employees of Taiwan Sanneng District, Dali District and Taiping District account for 64%, achieving the goal of employing manpower employment in the place where the company operates.

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