Gender Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Policy

In accordance with the stance and principle of human rights and employment equality, the Company provides “respectful” and “equal” job opportunities to job seekers who are willing to join the Company, and complies with the “Labor Standards Act”, the “Employment Services Act”, the “Gender Employment Equality Act” and other relevant laws and regulations, and clearly stipulates the relevant provisions on appointment, salary, evaluation, rewards and punishments in the company’s rules and regulations to ensure the rights and interests of each job applicant.

The Company is committed to providing employees with a dignified and safe working environment, implementing the diversity of employment channels, salaries and bonuses, and fairness in promotion opportunities, and taking into account their professional ability, educational experience, and professional functions, and never considering race, ideology, religion, political party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, marriage, or physical or mental disability.

Since its establishment, the Company has never employed child labor, and has not had any cases of corruption, bribery, forced labor or discrimination, and ensures that employees are not discriminated against, harassed or treated unequally on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, political affiliation and any other status protected by applicable laws and regulations.

Declaration of Human Rights Declaration of Human Rights

In order to protect the rights of employees, the company has established the following countermeasures:

Safeguard employee matters Response measures Description

Provide multiple grievance channels

Establish channels for appeals and formulate methods for rewards and punishments
Provide reasonable and confidential channels for employees to complain when their legitimate rights and interests are damaged or mishandled
Prohibition of unlawful assault in the workplace
Formulate measures to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, grievance and disciplinary measures, and establish committees
We will establish measures and regularly promote a workplace environment in which employees and job seekers are protected from illegal infringement

Status of implementation - female diversity indicators

Rank Female ratio

Vice President




Section Leader level


Team leader level


Professional occupation


Percentage of women in the total population


Friendly working environment

The company is committed to creating a friendly workplace and measures are as follows:

  1. Childcare-friendly measures: Male and female employees can apply for parental leave without pay; married and single employees can also apply for maternity leave in accordance with the law; signed a cooperative agreement with kindergartens.
  2. There is a nursing room in the company: to provide a warm and comfortable breastfeeding space for mothers.
  3. Health promotion at the workplace: Provide a safe and comfortable workplace, organize health promotion activities and lectures, offer diverse leisure and sports spaces, and provide medical protective equipment and regular employee health checks.

Pay Equity Policy

The company will verify the salary of each employee based on objective factors such as past qualifications, professional ability, internal fairness and external competitiveness of the position, provide a salary and welfare system that is better than that of the industry, and establish a fair and open promotion system to promote employee retention and implement gender equality, and the salary structure will not be different due to gender.

Employee remuneration items include principal salary, job allowance, bonus, etc., the difference in the salary ratio of each position is caused by different seniority and performance, and the annual salary adjustment is carried out according to the market salary dynamics and operating conditions, in addition to the agreed salary, bonuses are paid according to the annual operating conditions and individual performance.

The company's promotion system

The promotion system of the Company adopts a dual-track promotion system of management and professional positions, and the promotion of employees has nothing to do with gender, but is mainly based on the characteristics of employees, expertise, functions, work continuity and leadership development potential to be evaluated.

The company is committed to creating a friendly and happy workplace, encouraging colleagues to cultivate “core functions”, “professional functions” and “management functions” in their work from a diverse and open perspective, helping to provide colleagues with a working platform for self-realization, and actively and attentively cultivating successor echelon talents through a clear goal assessment system, which is also the company’s persistence and spirit in talent cultivation for a long time!

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