Hsiao, Kai-Feng

CEO and Spokesperson

Main experience:
The Chief Financial Officer of the Company
Management Center Director
Supervisor, Your Choice Fasteners & Tools Co., Ltd.
Director, Sanneng Wuxi

Chang, Chih-Hao

Marketing Center Director

Main experience:
Director of The Company
Special Assistant to the chairperson and marketing vice general manager, Sanneng Wuxi

Hsu, Ching-Ho

Technology R&D Center Director

Main experience:
Vice General Manager, Sanneng Taiwan
Deputy General Manager of Sanneng Appliances (Wuxi) Co., Ltd

Chang, Hsin-Yi

Director of the Management Center and Acting Spokesperson

Main experience:
General Manager, Sanneng Taiwan
Director, Xinneng

Lai ,Shih-Tung

Audit Office Compliance Manager

Main experience:
Finance Department Manager, Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.

When planning the succession plan for the supervisors of each unit, the successor must not only have excellent work abilities and professional skills, but also needs to be in line with the Group’s business philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, and innovation” in terms of their management philosophy and personality traits.

In 2019, the functional organization of the Group was reorganized and consolidated into three major sectors. The technical research center, marketing center, and management center form the major operating functions of the Group as they are responsible for the planning, management, and control of various functions of the Group’s subsidiaries.Since 2020, the three major sectors have gradually arranged to cultivate eventual successor candidates, and the succession work is expected to start in 2024.In addition, in order for succession to happen, all subsidiaries including Sanneng Wuxi, Sanneng Taiwan, Sanneng Japan, and Sanneng Indonesia, as well as subsequent established Squires Kitchen, Xinneng, and Sanneng Guangzhou proposed for directors and management higher than the senior manager level to take turns and participate in the training programs.The training subjects include the directors of the existing Group and its subsidiaries, senior personnel above the senior manager level, and second generation of major shareholders. After being proposed by the remuneration committee, the board of directors approved the rotation of general managers of important subsidiaries to cultivate talent for the Company and improve decision-making. Future CEO successor candidates and the Group’s succession team for core decision-making candidates will hopefully be selected within 5 years.

The rotation and training plan for directors and managers above the senior manager level has two parts. Professional knowledge training courses include the six major areas of technology research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and sales, financial accounting, human resources, and internal control systems. The management capabilities include the three aspects of leadership control, strategic planning, and risk management.The mode of training is done by drafting of an annual education and training plan, and the design is carried out by means of internal lecturer training, external EMBA courses, actual work rotations, and overseas dispatches. The entire training cycle is a 3-year cycle as the results are analyzed, reviewed, and optimized every year.Currently, the first 3-year training program has been completed, in which Kai-feng Hsiao took over as the general manager of Sanneng Wuxi, Xin-yi Chang took over as the general manager of Sanneng Taiwan, Xin-feng Hsueh took over as the general manager of Xinneng, Su-yu Lin took over as the senior manager of Sanneng Taiwan, Yoshida Wataru took over as the senior manager of Sanneng Japan Bakeware to complete the actual rotations and overseas dispatches.The second training program will be completely formulated by the end of 2022, and will be implemented and completed in 2025 after receiving approval from the board of directors. It is expected that the careful and thorough training program, and comprehensive and professional training of abilities will allow participants to build their professional knowledge and management capabilities required for planning and arrangement of new positions within the expected time, and successfully complete the succession.

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