Educating students,Overseas Chinese University

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To cope with changes in the future industrial and economic environment, the Department of Food & Beverage Management, Overseas Chinese University instills students with fundamental catering knowledge, broad horizons, and professional skills, as well as attitudes and concepts of enthusiastic service through the evaluation of their capabilities at the workplace and career changes. The program aims to achieve the objectives of cultivating “management talents with professional skills” and “catering management talents”. In terms of employment, the objective is to train hotel culinary professionals, food R&D, and production personnel, pastry chefs, bartenders, bar staff, catering service personnel, food critics, catering cultural workers, etc.SANNENG regularly conducts product knowledge and material introductions with Overseas Chinese University, so that baking industry students can understand the advantages and disadvantages of various bakeware, and learn how to choose bakeware and ingredients.

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