SANNENG Group’s revenue grows by 38% in February!Taipei International Bakery Show – “Ingenuity” by Wu Pao-Chun and Li I

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SANNENG Group (6671) announced consolidated revenue of NT$107 million (the same below) in February 2022, an increase of 38.09% over the same period last year. The cumulative revenue from January to February was NT$269 million, an increase of 15.57% over the same period last year. Since the annual revenue exceeded the NT$2 billion mark for the first time in 2021, the Company exceeded its performance of the same period last year in the spring of 2022. It is noteworthy that the Group’s subsidiaries in Japan and Indonesia – which were heavily impacted by the pandemic – also demonstrated significant growth in February. It is believed that as the pandemic conditions improve, higher revenue will be injected into the Group. It is evident that SANNENG Group will continue last year’s revenue growth momentum in 2022!

The reasons for the growth in revenue in February 2022 include SANNENG Group’s vigorous deployment in cross-strait e-commerce, the creation of the Group’s official website in the Taiwanese market, and the completion of the Shopee platform, which will stimulate e-commerce sales performance. Outstanding e-commerce sales in China are mainly attributed to pre-stocking by e-commerce distributors before the “38 Queen’s Day”, a major festival in the first half of the year.

Looking ahead to 2022, SANNENG Group will continue to promote the Chinese pastry renaissance and the culture of one city and one baking industry product in the Chinese market. We will also develop and promote new products for the catering market, as well as increase cultural and creative product production. Meanwhile, the price of global raw materials will continue to increase, coupled with the international trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, businesses promoting the exclusive eco-friendly surface coating reprocessing technology will generate considerable revenue for the Group. As the market in Taiwan continues to grow by building on the momentum from 2021, we will bolster e-commerce sales by focusing on large baking industry customers and the largest supermarket chain in the country.We continue to build and expand e-commerce sales, as well as forge industrial alliances, consolidate industrial resources, and offer customers comprehensive service in conjunction with raw material manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in the baking industry.While the pandemic conditions are improving, we will keep on expanding the Asian market to reflect SANNENG Group’s mission of “improving Asian baking technology and creating a baking industry ecosystem” and generating better sales performances.

SANNENG Group participated in the “2022 Taipei International Bakery Show” at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from March 17 to 20. Bakers were invited to demonstrate their baking skills throughout the 4-day exhibition and offer visitors a refreshing, novel baking experience. Guest bakers include champion baker Wu Pao-Chun and the stylish baker Li I.

The exhibition venue design is inspired by the signature color of 2022 – periwinkle blue – symbolizing the courage of existence as well as stimulating creativity and vitality. The theme of the exhibition “Ingenuity” represents SANNENG Group’s persistence in “becoming the ultimate expert in a specific field” since its establishment 4 decades ago. Starting with 20 bakeware products in the beginning, the Company now offers more than 2,000 products.By upholding the spirit of “ingenuity”, SANNENG Group is expected to reach yet another peak performance in 2022 in terms of revenue after becoming a public company.

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