Unlock the city’s business card and embark on a leisurely baking journey

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Unlock the city’s business card and embark on a leisurely baking journey
Firstly, we want to ask everyone a question ?What comes to mind when Yunnan is mentioned? What comes to mind when Xian is mentioned?Yes, that’s right! “Flower cake! Terracotta Warriors!”

For this year’s baking industry in China, SANNENG’s booth adopted the theme of “City’s Business Card” and utilizes English letters to represent the city, embodying the unique charisma of food of each city to enhance the audience’s impression of “City’s Business Card” during the exhibition.As observant as you are, you may discover that if you look at SANNENG’s booth from different angles, the combinations of various letters represent the names of different cities!

The bold SANNENG booth design aims to provide visitors with a novel sensory experience. We strive to apply the simple yet beautiful letter combination to let the visitors gain deeper insight into each city, discover the name of the city they are located in, and appreciate the pleasant surprises brought by SANNENG’s “city business card”!

Faced with new consumption trends and new consumer groups, SANNENG will help you to resolve problems such as how traditional Chinese gourmet food can overcome the constraints of time and space, how to enhance product appeal through innovation or crossover collaboration, and how to add value to products through cultural and aesthetic design. Let us seek new business opportunities in the industry together.

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